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Ask AG: Music Festivals

Ask AG: “I am going to Coachella for the first time this year and I have no idea what to wear!! Do you have any styling tips on what to wear to a music festival? Thanks AG!”

Over the next few months, hipsters, trendsetters and music-lovers alike will be flocking to various music festivals all over the country. Whether you’re a Coachella fanatic, a Lollapalooza lover or a Bonnaroo buff, you know the excitement over music festivals. Between the warm weather, the awesome tunes and the interesting fashion statements, seriously what’s not to love? 

An all-day music festival is the perfect time to embrace your inner bohemian and take a bold, interesting fashion statement. However, some people take that too far and end up dressing like Courtney Love circa 1994. Whoa. With your bohemian vibe in mind, remember that the outfit needs to be versatile. Most music festivals are held in fields.. which means grass and dirt. Also keep in mind that you will be out from morning till after midnight, so your outfit needs to be adjust with the forecast.

Personally, my favorite festival look would be shorts (short skirts can be dangerous) paired with a light weight top (it will be hot) and comfortable (but stylish) footwear. 


Besides my love for shorts, there are a few other stylish-essentials I would take as well. Here are five that will keep you chic and happy this festival season:


  1. The floppy hat. Wrinkles don’t look good on anyone. Protect your skin and keep it chic with a floppy hat like
  2. Crossbody bag.You’ll need full dancing abilities so don’t even think about lugging a cumbersome shoulder bag around the festival grounds. A crossbody bag or backpack is a must
  3. Stylish sunnies. One of the biggest perks of daytime parties? Wearing your favorite sunglasses! 
  4. Haute headbands. Unfortunately, high temps mean there’s a high chance you’ll be sweating. Keep your hair off your face with a cute headband.
  5. Booties. Comfortable footwear at festivals is seriously necessary. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Something Extra: I would pack at least one breezy dress. I especially love them in bohemian prints! 

Even though I won’t be dancing away at Coachella this month, I will be looking forward to seeing all of the bold, fun, and interesting fashion statements! 



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